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Lockdown Number Two Has Me Feelin' Blue...

So first, let me start by briefing you about my first month of 2021 because it wasn't a pretty one.

It started off with heartbreak, which isn't ideal. Picture getting into the world's stupidest fight (I'm not exaggerating) and just like that, it's over... ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I know, I know, absolute savagery.

During this month, I also got harassed two different times, both by men who were old enough to be my grandfather. I only know one of their names but, Ricardo, if you're reading this, I hate you.

Finally, a second lockdown for Portugal was announced last Friday, January 22nd. Naturally, I had to celebrate the last day before lockdown so I went out in Porto with a friend. My outfit was on point besides the ugly, disposable mask covering my handsome smile and I was feeling fine. We get to the bar and my friend orders a drink the size of my head - I AM NOT KIDDING (please review below photos as evidence proof). Besides this drink, I also had what I now know to be an unnecessary amount of shots.. but c'est la vie, right? We finish our drinks and since it's almost time for the country-wide curfew (which is at 11pm) we make our way back to the metro, that is until I see an electric scooter.

Me and my massive drink Me with my teeth Me lookin' fireeeee

This electric scooter is one that you can rent by using only an app on your phone. So easy! Actually way, way too easy! I think I had to agree to some statements that I wasn't intoxicated but obviously this app didn't actually have the capability of telling whether or not I should be operating any sort of machinery and was more geared towards the company not getting sued.

You can probably guess what happens next but if you aren't blessed with a vivid imagination, allow me to continue... I paid for the scooter, hopped on and started scooting (that's what one would call it, right? Doesn't matter, thats what I'm calling it). So I'm scooting and my first turn leads me down one of the many descending roads in Porto, my speed quickens and I'm zipping down that road like it's nobody's business, and just as I am nearing the bottom, my body goes flying... face first into the curb.

Blood was shed. Teeth were chipped. Ego's were bruised. Mostly just mine.

I, of course, had to get my teeth fixed, which I did. Unfortunately, I am not happy with the results though I'm not surprised because I had assumed 25 euros a tooth was a bit on the cheap side, but I was being incredibly hopeful. On a bright note though, I posted a Tik Tok of my experience and had a guy comment on it, telling me he was an aesthetic dentist in Porto if I wanted them fixed. I ignored his message in the beginning but after the below-average fix from my first dentist, I decided to reach out.

Long story short, now I am getting my teeth fixed by a dude I met on Tik Tok :) Next Wednesday :) Please keep your fingers crossed for me. :) Hopefully this procedure will turn out far better than the last and you bet your ass I will post the before and after pictures.

Also if you're interested in watching the Tik Tok video mentioned above:

Always nothing but love,

xx The Tiny Olive

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