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Is it a good idea to fall in love while travelling?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

So you decided to ditch the comfortable life of a 9-5 job and furnished apartment in exchange for odd hours and even odder places to sleep. You've planned the where, when and how of your travels but no matter how long you've planned every detail of your new adventure, some things just can't be planned.

Maybe you've already considered this prior to your departure but if you haven't, ask yourself this; what happens if you fall in love while on the road? Some of you might think, "well damn, that would make the experience even more worth it!" while others might say, "nah, not for me". Whichever you are, you can never really know when or how you'll react to a new love interest so its best to consider these questions before falling for the sexy stranger you met in a new city.

Are you in love with the person or in love with the moment?

Travelling means getting to experience exciting, new cultures and places. In turn, you also get to meet exciting, new people you otherwise would have never gotten to meet. There are a lot of fascinating humans out there so it's easy to fall in love, or think you have. Sometimes, however, you can get wrapped up in a beautiful moment and think you're in love with the person you shared the moment with - recognize the difference. Ask yourself if the emotions you felt in that instant are still there once the moment has passed. It could be that you had the best night of your life but it would have been the best night whether or not that new friend was there.

Are you romanticizing falling in love in a foreign country?

We've all been there; daydreamed about falling in love with the tall, dark and handsome guy you 'accidentally' bumped into while sightseeing in Venice. The dream is a wonderful one, but also an unlikely one. Though you could meet some sexy singles that are down for a lustful night (or nights) with you, it doesn't mean they share your dream of falling in love. You have to remember that although you may be experiencing an exciting, new adventure that feels like you're in your own movie, most times the person you'll meet will be a local, so for them, its could just feel like another ordinary day. Romanticizing a moment will leave you with unrealistic expectations which often leads to huge disappointments and potential heartbreak.

Are you willing to give up your dreams of travel to be with this person?

So you think you've found the one, now what? The chances of someone giving up their life and own dreams to chase yours is unlikely. If you happen to find someone who doesn't mind doing so, kudos to you, you've found a match made in heaven! However, if you don't, that leaves two options: go your separate ways or give up YOUR dreams. If you think the person is worth it and the place your in is somewhere you can see yourself living long-term, than my hat goes out to you and I wish you a world of happiness but if neither the place or person is worth giving up your dreams, make sure you choose your own happiness over a person you just met because if it doesn't work out, it could make you feel resentful.

What happens if it doesn't work out?

Hopefully whatever love affair you get yourself into, is one that is worthy of your time and energy but just to play devil's advocate, let's say its not... You thought they were your soulmate but the longer you stay, the more you realize that they aren't the person for you (or they realized you weren't the person for them) and things end. Now you're in a foreign country, alone, disappointed and heartbroken. Heartbreak sucks no matter where you are but it can be extra painful if you don't have your close friends and family to turn to. Sure it could be a major lesson learned but it could lead you to feel so upset you want to pack up and go back home - DON'T! THERE'S SO MUCH MORE WORLD TO SEE!

In the end, the heart wants what the heart wants so falling in love can feel unavoidable, just make sure to keep your wit and consider these questions before altering your plans. If you still choose your heart over your head, as so many of us do - always remember that if things end, that doesn't mean your journey has to too. Life is full of ups and downs, the more often you pick yourself up, the stronger you become. Just always be cautious of who you allow in your inner circle and make sure whatever person you let in is one that is kind, genuine and worthy of your love.

Yours always,

The Tiny Olive xx


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