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Hi, I'm The Tiny Olive!

I have always loved travelling - I dreamt about visiting other countries, experiencing new cultures, getting a taste of exotic cuisines, all while making interesting, new friends along the way. It's a dream that has prevailed even today. Throuhgout the years, I have had my share of adventures on the open road, with each magical place I visited becoming an experience filled with laughter, learning and crazy stories to share with family & friends. I had been working as an HR Manager for a company in Canada (which was not a life long dream I held... I was never one to follow rules much less enforce them). I spent my days working in an office setting everyday and going on vacations for 3 weeks out of the year - but that wasn't enough for me. When I was 25 years old, I moved to Portugal, which turned out to be the first step towards an incredible journey.

My reason for starting this blog.. to inspire those who feel trapped by the 9 to 5 job and spending VALUABLE time in front of a computer everyday. If you are one of them, ITS NOT TOO LATE. You can start your new life whenever you're ready. Feeling stuck is a common feeling but doing what feels scary... thats brave.

Join me in my journey of exploring new cultures and far away countries, the best ways I've discovered to cope with disastrous situations while on the road and most importantly, learning to love myself along the way.

Maybe then, you can be inspired to do the same.

XX The Tiny Olive

Jessi Alves

The Tiny Olive Founder

Down to earth. Above average humour. Rebel attitude. Hippie philosophy . Lives for adventures. Should be a mermaid. Thinks Halloween should be a national holiday.

Consistently inconsistent.

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